Home Lighting Guide: Lighting Ideas that You Must Know

Choosing the right lighting for every area in your home can be very tricky because you have to consider not just the function and design of the room where you will mount your new lights. To help you make the right choices for your home lighting, here are some tips and ideas for starters.

Consider the room’s size.

This is the first important consideration when lighting any room. The size of the area will dictate the wattage you need. For example, a room that measures 15 square metres will need lighting with 375 watts.

Use at least two layers of light.

Just by adding a layer of light can significantly improve the light quality and functionality in any room. Generally, three layers of light are used:

  1. Ambient/general lighting – It makes up a majority or 75% of the room’s light.
  2. Accent/mood lighting – It is used for decorative purposes, like highlighting details such as decorative trims, paintings, and coves. Accent lights are also used to enhance ambient lighting in a room, especially in the areas that ambient lighting cannot reach.
  3. Task lighting – It provides the direct light necessary for tasks such as cooking, reading, and grooming, as well as areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Choose the right fixture style.

Your home lighting should match the décor style of your home. If you have a modern home, then your light should be in modern style as well. If you want to add a touch of industrial or rustic theme in your home, then you can do so with your choice of lighting fixture style.

Keep your bulb lighting colors consistent

While it seems interesting to have lighting in different colors at home, you don’t want to feel as though you are entering a different home when you transfer from one room to another.