5 Good Reasons to Switch to LED Lights

Among the most innovative technology today, LED (light emitting diodes) lights offer more advantages than traditional incandescent bulbs or even the compact fluorescent lights. Here are the various benefits of using LED lights and why it is smart to switch to these light sources.

1. Energy efficiency

This is the main edge of LED lights over other lighting sources. Compared to traditional light bulbs with a low energy efficiency rate of 20%, LEDs have 80% to 90% energy efficiency. If all the lights in your home are LED lights, you will enjoy huge savings on your power bills.

2. Longer service life

Another top benefit of using LED lights is the longevity they provide. A LED light can last up to 11 years of non-stop operation. Its lifespan can be twice as long if you use it for 8 hours per day. LED lights last more than a hundred times longer than incandescent bulbs and 10 times as long as fluorescent lamps.

3. Durability

Because LED lights are made of very durable parts, they can endure even the toughest conditions. These lights can resist external impacts, vibrations, and shocks. They can also withstand different weather conditions such as rains and winds, making LED lights ideal to use as outdoor lighting.

4. Environment-friendly

LED lights don’t contain toxic materials, unlike fluorescent and neon lamps that have mercury, a chemical that is damaging to the environment. Bring 100% recyclable, these eco-friendly lights help reduce your carbon footprint by as much as 30%.

5. No UV emissions

LED lighting does not produce much infrared light and UV emissions. This is why LED lights are perfect to use for lighting up sensitive materials such as paintings, art pieces, and relics in a museum.

Are you still using traditional light bulbs in your home? With these LED light benefits, you can save a lot when you switch your lighting source now!